picture of the cover of A Moment in Time: Glimpses of Namibian LIfe by Mary Jane Volkmann
A MOMENT IN TIME: Glimpses of Namibian Life

by Mary Jane Volkmann

Gamsberg Macmillan Publishers, Copyright 1997

30 plates of original paintings with comments on each image and an explanatory introduction.

Available by special order in English and German through Gamsberg/Macmillan Publishers or Namibiana Buchdepot (English) / (German).

 Over the years I have illustrated a biology textbook, geological publications, reading books for schools and a few small books of stories.  Late in 1991 I was offered a commission by Gamsberg Macmillan Publishers to do a book of paintings depicting interesting aspects of life in Namibia before the sudden and rapid developments taking place completely changed the lifestyles of the people. I was asked to do 30 small and accurate paintings as realistically and as detailed as possible. These paintings were to serve both as collectible artworks and as historical documents.

Having visited and worked with fellow members of the Baha’i Faith in outlying areas as well as having accompanied my husband Walter (who is a land surveyor and geodetics expert) to the remotest areas of Namibia, I had a wealth of information from which to work. The original paintings are opaque watercolors, are 14 cm by 19.5 cm and are now owned by a corporation and on permanent display in a private museum in Namibia. The book itself won an Honorable Mention at the Mbapira Book Awards in Namibia in 1998. Here are a few samples of the paintings from the book. Click to see the full painting and read a description about each.


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