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Being fascinated with the diversity of faces, lifestyles and cultures of our human family, I began a series of larger paintings stemming from my observations of people during the 28 years I lived in Africa. This series is gradually expanding to include people of different backgrounds in whatever country I find them and in whatever activity they may be engaged as they carry out their daily lives. Click on an image to see the complete painting and to read a short anecdote.  Should you be interested in purchasing an available painting, please contact me.

Himba Woman (sold)

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From the remote northwest corner of Namibia, a Himba woman displays her married status with her “erembe” headdress. It is made from the skin of a goat’s head which is fastened at the back of the wearer’s head by two thongs. Himba women smear their skins and elaborately plaited hair with a mixture of rancid butter, ash and ochre, sometimes adding a fragrant herb. This provides protection from the harsh climate and gives the skin a deep reddish glow. Headdresses, clothing and jewelry form an important part of Himba culture. (18” x 18” oil on canvas)


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“In every face, he seeketh the beauty of the Friend…”
“The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens.”

                                      — Baha’i Writings