Portraits and People

Being fascinated with the diversity of faces, lifestyles and cultures of our human family, I began a series of larger paintings stemming from my observations of people during the 28 years I lived in Africa. This series is gradually expanding to include people of different backgrounds in whatever country I find them and in whatever activity they may be engaged as they carry out their daily lives. Click on an image to see the complete painting and to read a short anecdote.  Should you be interested in purchasing an available painting, please contact me.

Picking Beans

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One morning my husband telephoned me as he was driving to a job two hours’ away. He told me to grab my paints and camera and to head out to a field at a crossroads in the country where the migrant workers were picking beans. They were so welcoming! This young lady had wrapped every part of her she could to keep the bugs at bay. She was so cheerful despite the heat and hard work! (24” x 30” oil on canvas)


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“In every face, he seeketh the beauty of the Friend…”
“The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens.”

                                      — Baha’i Writings