Refining the focus

Mary Jane Volkmann painting at Epcot

The daunting process of downsizing is underway.  Many things have made their way into new places: paper shredders, donation centers, garage sales, dumpsters and others’ hands. This raised the question: however did we accumulate so much stuff? Which raised another question: however did I get so busy?

During the months we took up residence in Germany we lived in a large, lovely and sparsely appointed flat.  We had no nicknacks or trinkets, no decorations and no curtains.  We could hear footsteps above and voices below in the interior echo.  I had a spaciously empty studio room full of natural light and took time to study the world outside the large windows.  I explored and hiked, honing my observational skills.  I felt somehow renewed and keen to paint.

In sifting through my papers I came across a note I had written at that time.  I remember the moment well.  It was just before daybreak and it was cold.  The upper part of the sky was robed in a grey blanket.  I turned my chair to face the view, steaming coffee in hand, when words started running through my head. Snatching up a pen I wrote:

Hesitant dawn on a day of high grey
One solitary puff of cloud sailing across the sky
Speeding towards the dawn, breaking free of the bank above.
Colors undecided, waiting for their cue
Halt ~ a streak of crimson in the corner of my view
Sudden and swift the colors burst upon the breeze!
Birds begin their calling, darting from the trees
Soaring, dipping, singing with delight,
Circling with abandon, rejoicing, free in flight.

I smiled. This life review we call downsizing is just the ticket to refining the focus!

observation point, Kassel

Stay tuned and have a wonderful year ahead!

Mary Jane Volkmann


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