The beckoning of spring

Here in north central Florida, spring is bursting out in a riot of color and an orchestra of birdsong.  The weather is fresh and the outdoors beckons!  I recently taught a plein air painting workshop in Odessa, Florida.  I am always fascinated by the different subject matter which intrigues artists as well as the diverse styles of expression of each painter.  Looking at the variety of their paintings reminds me of the diversity of the natural world. (Contact me if you are interested in a painting workshop).

painter at plein air painting workshop in Odessa, FloridaPainting at Odessa, Florida

As I teach and move between painters I walk miles, but this gives me the opportunity to really look at the world around me, noticing all those little things which might otherwise escape my attention. I took a day last week to walk around our own little garden, taking pictures of those wonderful signs of spring.  I’ve shared some of them below.  I’m heading out next week to explore and paint before the weather gets too hot and buggy.  Meanwhile, I’ve  finished a new painting and have several more taking their turn on the easel….

Azaleas blooming in Gainesville in March

Eagle keeping watch near the nestFlorida dogwoods in bloomCamellia opening in MarchSpring VioletsLoropetalumBarred owl in the treeOvenbird at suet





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