The Color of Water

I recently received the most wonderful gift!  One of my artist friends, Linda Blondheim, and I were invited by a mutual friend to spend a few days painting on an island in the Gulf of Mexico.  Painting water and being around it thrill me, so the opportunity to have an artist residency where I could live for a few days surrounded by water was just what the doctor ordered for an increase of artistic inspiration.  Sharing the experience with another artist deepened the experience.  Several times a day we walked around the island to study how the light, wind, weather and time of day were affecting the color and reflectivity of the water.  Twice a day we each went off to paint which afforded us another chance to intimately observe and experience our individual choice of subject matter.

As usual, I took lots of photographs. (I refer to them for lessons in my workshops as well as for my own use in the studio.) I have compiled a selection to share with you.  They show conditions of water such as: how light, dark or how flat it can look; how many colors are reflected on it; the color changes dependent on the stillness or choppiness of the surface; how seemingly mercurial the surface can become under different conditions; the changing horizon which ranges from invisible to lighter than the sky to darker than the sky (sometimes all in one view); and, naturally, what happens at sunrise and sunset. The camera adjusts automatically for that one, which I don’t know how to fix, but the concept you will recognize!

I hope you enjoy this album.  If you enlarge any of the photos you can also start a slide show to see the photos in progression.  Otherwise you can select any of them just to look at one or more particular images.

Thank you, dear Patsy, for this wonderful gift!



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