Namibia Postage Stamp Paintings Released as Postcards

I had the sweetest surprise in learning that two of the postage stamps I had created for the Traditional Women of Namibia stamp series many years ago had been made into postcards by Nampost in Namibia in 2016.  Now that I have received them and am holding them in my hands, I am struck by the excellent printing job.  The originals were miniature watercolors painted with the finest watercolor brushes, so enlarging them to such an extent so well is quite remarkable.  

          painting by Mary Jane Volkmann of a Damara woman in Namibia, AfricaHimba woman, Namibia, painted by Mary Jane Volkmann

These particular stamps are of a Damara woman (left, although mislabeled on the postcard) and a Himba woman (right).  Seeing these faces again remind me of how much I love people and painting members of our human family in all its beautiful diversity!  Stay tuned.  I am busy with a new body of work incorporating  more paintings of people and places around the world… 



4 thoughts on “Namibia Postage Stamp Paintings Released as Postcards”

  1. They are truly beautiful and what first caused me to join your painting class at the John Campbell Folk school in 2010. We look forward to following you in your next adventures around the world .

  2. Wonderful portraits Mary Jane. I am so happy that they are being used again on the postcards. I read your missive and it must be the weather or something but I too had decided to paint more people and portraits this coming year. I usually post them on facebook if they work out LOL. I am out of practice but working on it.Love your posts…thanks!


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