That's meWelcome to my new website!  I’ve wanted to do this myself for a long time, so I finally registered with ed2go and took a course in Word Press.  This is the second course I have taken with ed2go, and I am incredibly impressed.  Many thanks to David Johnson, a fellow artist who designed and maintained my website so beautifully for several years, to Oliver Volkmann, our son, who re-did it and maintained it for me, and to Brian Pollock, who helped me code the new header, template variation and other adjustments for this site and who is now hosting it with his new Tampa based company.

So many people ask about my paintings, explorations, workshops and new art and conservation project that I have decided to incorporate a blog into my website.  I will be updating it once or twice a month.  If you’d like to follow along, do subscribe. I’ll be sharing stories, photographs, interesting information and, of course, paintings!

I hope you enjoy what you find here!     ~Mary Jane Volkmann                                                                 


2 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Hello Mary Jane, looking good here!!! Exciting beginnings. Love the painting. Will follow you to the ends of the earth. Hah hah!! Phil and I are doing well. Hoping to purchase a property with more space to paint, sew, woodwork, write poetry etc this week .

    Your John CFS dates area bit crazy. Oct16- sept 22. I see you are by the seaside on 22 oct so someone’s fingers slipped.

    Phil is hoping to come down to Florida to a conference in Feb so hope to cAtch up with you then possibly.
    Love from us both, Kiki xxx

    • Thanks, Kiki! I’ll look forward to seeing one or both of you. I’ll check on the dates ~ the fingers were mine…. :>) ~MJ


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