Back home and enjoying painting!

painting of marsh at Seminole Rest
an ala prima oil painting I did of a marsh at Seminole Rest

I just returned from two back to back events: a teaching week with my friend and fellow artist Kathleen Wobie at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina, followed by a week of painting at the Canaveral National Seashore Invitational Paint Out.  It was a delightful time to be outdoors enjoying the autumn colors and cooler weather while giving students the tools to unleash their creativity at the Folk School, and in personal creative time at the seashore.  I have uploaded a few new images to my painting galleries.

Each time I plan ahead for these events I tell myself I am going to rest and relax with my books in between my teaching and painting, and that I’ll sleep in until the last moment.  Ha!  Instead I find myself waking several times in the middle of the night to run gaze at the stars which I cannot see because of the street and floodlights in my neighborhood at home.  I saw the milky way so clearly several nights!  Then I set my alarm, but jump up before dawn excited to see the beautiful sunrise and listen to the first bird calls of the day!  I tell myself I’ll rest in the middle of the day, but instead I walk around looking at the beauty around me while sniffing the air to enjoy the fallen leaves, clover and mist.

While I was at the paint out at New Smyrna Beach I discovered a gorgeous marsh at Seminole Rest.  On one side I could watch the sun rise over the Indian River while on the other I could watch the birds and marvel at the reflections in the water in the marsh.  One morning I set up to paint and a friendly neighbor walked up to me and asked if I would like to paint from the large second floor balcony of the house nearby where I would be sheltered from the wind.  This gave me a unique perspective of the marsh in every direction.  The paintings I did there, such as the one in this post, were ala prima, which means I painted them there and haven’t touched them further.  I have met so many kind and interesting people the last couple of weeks and I thank each one of you for your interest, your support, your hospitality and for sharing of yourselves and your stories.

photo of autumn colors at John C. Campbell Folk School
Autumn at John C. Campbell Folk School
photo of sunrise over Indian River, Canaveral
Sunrise over the Indian River at Canaveral









Now it’s time to think about upcoming events and new paintings while working with our conservation partners, the Conservation Trust of Florida and the Alachua Conservation Trust, painting our natural areas and finding ways to sell these paintings to contribute to my upkeep and their conservation efforts……

Life is good!



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