From Prairies to Barrier Islands and ? in between…

painting Tuscawilla Prairie
Mary Jane Volkmann painting Tuscawilla Prairie

It was a glorious fall in Florida.  The weather seemed to change so slowly and it seemed to my artist eyes that the leaves stayed longer on the trees in more color than I had seen in previous years.  It was great to get out and explore, watching the changing landscape to the calling of the Sandhill Cranes as they arrived during their winter migration.  The prairies exploded in both soft and brilliant golds, rusts, browns and violets and a bush I have yet to identify carpeted the landscape with bouquets of ivory!  I am now finishing several prairie paintings which will be hung during the big event at Prairie Creek Lodge on February 25 as part of the Six Artist Six Prairies project.  The artists in the project will be painting on location and our paintings will be sold.  We have offered a portion of the sales to support conservation, in this case the Alachua Conservation Trust, hoping to help them with their worthwhile endeavors.

Despite my efforts to trim my calendar events, this year brings three invitational plein air painting events, two teaching weeks, a couple of residencies and a major three person exhibition in November.  I must say that I am looking forward to each of them!   Stay tuned, I’ll be uploading new images as my paintings are completed and I’ll write about my journeys on this page.

Happy 2012 to each of you!


4 thoughts on “From Prairies to Barrier Islands and ? in between…”

  1. Great to see you evening only a back view. Sounds like a great year ahead. Happy painting. Happy new year to
    You and yours.,We are off to The JCFC in April. I Am doing hand made glass beads and Phil thrown pottery. Hopefully our paths will cross soon! Kikixx

    • Happy new year to you, too, Kiki and Phil! Enjoy your classes at the John Campbell Folk School. We’ll be teaching painting up there in May and in September this year. Want to come for part 2?

  2. Mary Jane, this is a great photo of a beautiful spot and the lovely painting you are creating there. I have enjoyed browsing the posts in your new blog and look forward to returning to see what you are up to. It is wonderful that you, Linda Blondheim, and others have begun this prairie project; I think it will lead to unexpected benefits for the health of the prairies as well as to new artistic adventures for each of you.

    • Thank you, Mary! I appreciate your sentiments and feedback. This project seemed like such a natural way to show our appreciation for this beautiful world and for those who do so much to preserve it. It is inspiring to get into a different environment to explore, study, learn about it and paint!


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