The show is up!


some of the paintings on display

I am happy to report that the paintings from the Six Artists Six Prairies project are now hanging at Prairie Creek Lodge in Gainesville, Florida.  I had imagined such a nice day painting with the other artists and enjoying the show opening, but managed to catch a nasty bronchial virus with a long recovery process instead!  Imagine this: my paintings were scattered around the house, my frames were in different places in my closet, dining room and studio (I had not yet chosen which frame to go with which painting and two paintings needed final touches) and I was coughing my lungs out in a hospital bed! A dear friend and one of our sons came to my rescue.  They pulled out the frames and decided which ones they thought worked the best with the paintings then sent me photos with their cell phones.  I could then have a look and text them back with my response.  They then framed them all!  Another friend kindly arranged to send two other friends to the house to have the paintings picked up and delivered to the lodge.  I was still in bed (at home) during the opening but could look at the photographs of the event as visitors posted them on Facebook.  Ah, the joys of modern technology!  Big, big thanks to my family and friends.  I appreciate all of you so much!

Happily I am recovering and can work a little bit each day.  I have started roughing out an 18″ x 24″ painting of cypress trees in the water, a subject I enjoyed spending time painting another view of when I was in Winter Park at a previous paint out.  I intend this to be my starter painting for the Winter Park Invitational Paint Out at the Polasek Museum in April.  Once this is finished I will then return to a few paintings I have started to add to the collection of paintings for our big show about the Barrier Islands at the Turner Center in the fall.

I am hoping to find residencies on barrier islands or in other natural areas to spend time on location painting.  If you know of anyone who has a cottage or apartment sitting idle and who would like to host an artist or two, please let me know!

Meanwhile, enjoy more photos of the show at Prairie Creek Lodge.  I’ve included more of a description, a link to directions and a telephone number on the home page of my website.

Spring has arrived in Florida!  The azaleas are blooming, the buds are bursting and the birds are singing so sweetly!  Happy spring to all ~ whenever it arrives in your area!

Mary Jane Volkmann

Prairie Creek Lodge, photo by Jeff Kneethe show at prairie creek lodge, photo by sue sinclair







Prairie Creek Lodge, photo by Jeff Knee

Inside, photo by Sue Sinclair

viewing the paintings at prairie creek lodgesix aritsts six prairies painting display







Paintings are hanging on the walls and are on tables around the lodge. Both of these photos are courtesy of Linda Blondheim.


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