Painting Commissions

“If you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.”
                      –Frank Lloyd Wright

painting commission completed by Mary Jane Volkmann*(Story of a Painting Commission)

Over the years I have received some interesting painting commissions: interior and exterior murals in representational and abstract designs, African taxi decorations, illustrations for textbooks and children’s books, greeting and postcard designs, postage stamps and coins, as well as a book of 30 paintings of life in Namibia which I was later asked to author.  The most common commission requests I now receive are to capture in a painting a special person, pet, place or memory which can be handed down over the generations.

If you would like to have a special painting created for yourself or as a gift for someone important to you, please contact me several months in advance to discuss what you would like.  With this information I will be able to give you a price and discuss completion and delivery details with you. Shown on this page are just  a few examples of commissioned paintings.


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